Malik Ata Muhammad Khan

Malik Ata Muhammad Khan, an outstanding son of Gheba family, when entrusted with the responsibilities of chieftainship of Gheba tribe, put his political career at the stake. In an environment, where people are prepared to make all possible sacrifices to realize this distinguished position. Malik Ata Muhammad gave up his successful political career in its golden period, whereas many people spend whole of their lives to achieve that goal. Born in the family of Malik Yar Muhammad Khan, Malik Ata Muhammad Khan was the eldest maternal grandson of Sardar Sir Nawaz Muhammad Khan. He got his early education from the Aitcheson College Lahore, did his FSC from the F. C . College, Lahore and thereafter proceeded to England for LLB. Besides education, he was very fond of horse-riding and body building since his childhood. He not only materialized his fondness on his sown but he had also had the honor of representing his dear country for these sports at several places. In the year 1982, he participated in the Ninth Asian Games held in Delhi, city of India as Captain of the Pakistan spear-throwing team and succeeded in winning his session. Moreover, he undertook a tour of Europe and South Africa to take part in several other tournaments. His title as the best horse-rider is symbolic of recognition of status of Pakistan in European countries. Besides was honored as the best horse rider in the National Horse and Cattle Show held in Lahore for several years, In the year 1988 he contested election on the Islami Jamauri Ittihad ( IJI) plat form. Thereafter, in 1990 Provincial he again fought for a MPA seat from the Pakistan Muslim League platform , and returned successful this time with the full support of the people. In the next national election he was elected MNA. After his father’s death in 1996 , the entire responsibilities of the family and management of the estate rested on his shoulders because of his increased preoccupation with politics, he was not in a position to focus on the matters relating to the management of the estate, family issues and other matters. Therefore, he said good bye to the politics. His friends who included Chaudhry. Aitezaz Ahsan, Mir Zafar ullah Khan Jamali, Mir Taj Muhammad Jamali and Hamid Nasir Chatha who was also his class fellow, impressed upon him not to give up politics, but Malik Ata Muhammad Khan said that he held it more important to serve his people for their well- being as compared to politics. Malik Ata Muhammad is not only the best horse- rider, but also an expert administrator for his estate. Besides horse- riding he as enough love for fine arts that is why he is also renowned for his contributions in the literary and private gatherings, in addition to his fame in sports.


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