Ch. Sher Ali Khan

To describe a family that holds high political and social status, endowed with riches, where every child is born with a silver spoon in his mouth, where every word uttered by mouth is to be taken as an order; and every visitor to the family walks with his head bowed down; it is difficult if not impossible to find a person in the contemporary age who is an incarnation of virtues of truthfulness, integrity, honesty, considerate of the poor and above all a devoted lover of the Prophet ( Peach to upon him); such a person who restrains from the so called modernization and nonsense of the age and upholds and adds to the fame and honor of his ancestors. Such is an example which found in the person of Chaudhry Sher Ali Khan has in his person.
He was born to Colonel (Retd) Mumtaz Ali khan on July 24, 1961. His father hailed from the distinguished family ‘titled’ Mehr Minhas of Chakwal who was an icon widely loved and respected by the people of the area. When he grew a little, he was sent to the Aitcheson College, Lahore, for the purpose of education, where his elder brother Haider Ali Khan was already studying. Unlike his brother, Chaudhry Sher Ali was more friendlier by nature. Though this will be difficult to arrange list of his friends, but there are few names that cannot be ignored. His best friends in this institution included Qasim Zia ( Punjab Chief of Pakistan Peoples Party) Sardar Asif Naqai ( Minister/ MPA), Chaudhry Wajahat Hussain ( MNA), Murid Hussain Qureshi ( Younger brother of Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi), Daud Khattak ( District Nazim, Noshera ), Latif Ullah Khan ( District Nazim, Dera Ismail Khan). After passing the higher Cambridge examination his father Col ( R) Mumtaz Ali Khan got him admission in Sir Syed College, Rawalpindi for further education from where be obtained BA degree securing high remarks. He intended to proceed abroad for higher education, but could not make it due to death of his elder brother Haider Ali Khan in a road accident. Following this tragic incident, his mother did not allow him to keep away from her and on her insistence he got admission in the Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad.
This is worth mentioning that Raja Muhammad Sarfraz Khan, maternal uncle of Col ( R) Mumtaz Ali Khan, father of Chaudhry Sher Ali Khan, was an active MLA and due to him his family held an eminent position in the political arena.
But after Raja Sabeb’s death, this family lost its association with the practical politics. However, Chaudhry Sher Ali , on his father’s insistence, entered into political field in 1987 and thus his family re joined practical politics. To begin with he contested the election of the District Council in 1987 but his opponent returned with victory. The concern for the poor present in his nature soon made him a very popular leader. This was only because of his people friendly attitude that he achieved success in the election of the District Council in 1991 and was elected member of the District Council.
In the year 1994, he was married to the grand daughter of Nawabzada Sarfraz Hussain of Pindigheb. After his marriage he was included in the leading works for his maternal cousin Malik Ata Muhammad Khan who contested provincial Assembly election on PML ticket. In the meanwhile, he never dissociated himself from the people and continued to assert himself in the eyes of to veteran politicians by participating in socio-political activities. That is why he was supported for the PML (Q) ticket in 2008 election as against another candidate, namely Sardar Muhammad Ali (Shaher Rai Saadullah) a former MPA. The people appeared to be disgusted with this party due to the problems created during General Musharraf period. In those days, Mohtarama Benazir Bhutto, Chairperson of PPP was killed in a suicide bomb explosion in Liaquat Bagh, Rawalpindi. Her death not only caused severe anguish and anger amongst the people but also enkindled emotional liking for PPP. In the circumstances, contesting election against PPP candidate was nothing but apparent defeat. Chaudhry Sher Ali’s success in the election also seemed to be difficult. The people who supported him so far were now seen siding with the opponents. But thanks to his personal services to the people, kindness to the poor, nobility and public popularity, all difficulties in his way were crumbled like sand. The result of the elections when made public, was shocking for his opponents. After the election Mian Shahbaz Sharif because of his charismatic personaly, gathered around him eminent leaders at the time of formation of the government in the Punjab. However, Chaudhry Sher Ali Khan, in spite of his personal relations with Shahbaz Sharif, did not breach the party discipline and rules and practically established his association with PML (Q) at this critical juncture.
Even offer of high positions and lucrative interests could not shake his firm determination. Chaudhry Sher Ali Khan is a practical and pragmatic politician and highly considerate and kind hearted to the poor in real sense. He has inherited these virtues from his father. He has an emotional association with matters relating to the education and he has a resolve to eliminate backwardness in the field of education in the area. Talking about one of his social projects, he told that he was desirous of doing a work in the name of his father which could benefit the people of the area for a long period so that a new chapter could be added to the services of his father Col(R) Mumtaz Ali Khan which may not end with words like “The End”.


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