Malik Amir Muhammad Khan

Malik Amir Muhammad Khan (died 1967) also known as Nawab of Kalabagh was a prominent feudal lord, politician and the seventh nawab of Kalabagh state, in Mianwali District of north western Punjab, Pakistan. He belonged to the Awan tribe of ancient repute. He was crowned as Nawab of Kalabagh after the death of his father Malik Ata Muhammad Khan in 1924. He also served as Governor of West Pakistan. He belongs to the nobility of the sword as his ancestors were Nawabs for nearly 900 years.
He was appointed Chairman Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation with the rank of a Central Minister in 1959, and subsequently Governor of West Pakistan on 12 April 1960 by Pakistan President General Ayub Khan. Both Nawab Amir Mohammad Khan and Sandhurst trained General Wajid Ali Khan Burki were instrumental in Ayub Khan's Rise to power, until today the three families retain adjoining houses in Islamabad.
An autonomous and harsh ruler with great administrative capabilities, the Nawab remained Governor of West Pakistan till September 18, 1966. He was an Aitchison College and then Oxford graduate. His role during the Indo-Pak war of 1965 is praised as he kept the law and order, controlled the prices, trafficking of the raw material and prevented the smuggling.
He has also been described as a man of principles and traditions. He liked to remain in the national dress and his cabinet members tried to please him by doing so. He once declined to shake hands with the British Queen Elizabeth II on her visit to Pakistan. Ayub Khan asked him to receive her at Airport but he didn't do that.
His son Malik Muzaffar Khan won the National Assembly seat from NW-44, Mianwali-I in December 1970 elections. His other son Malik Allah Yar also remained the member of Majlis-e-Shoora during General Zia-ul-Haq's military regime. His grandson Malik Amad Khan won the National Assembly seat from NA-71 Mianwali-I , in February 2008 elections as an independent candidate. His granddaughter, Sumaira Malik, is still a member of the National Assembly. It is said that his grand son Malik Sherjeel Tufail Awan will be the next Sardar. Sherjeel is the son of his youngest son, Malik Tufail Awan who has served Pakistan Air Force for 25 years and retired as Vice Chief of Air Staff.


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