Ch. Haider Ali Khan

Some flowers are so much beautiful and lovely that one finds it difficult to turn one’s eyes from these but unfortunately these are short-lived. Similar is the case with human beings. These creatures of Allah Almighty included persons who are extremely beautiful, well-mannered, witty, intelligent and benign and this difficult to find persons like them. Because of their habits and demeanor, their lovers wish to sacrifice for them with heart and soul. But the nature has its own strange plans. Such persons like flowers do not add to the beauty of the garden through their excellence for a long period and instead depart soon. A similar flower blossomed in the family of Col (Retd) Mumtaz Ali Khan on Ist December 1958 whose birth brought immense happiness to the two families (Gheba family of Kot Fateh Khan and Mehr Minhas Rajput of Chakwal) as well as to their lovers and well-wishers. Because of father’s love for the family of the Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) (Ahl-e-Bait) the newly born child was name Haider Ali.
As Haider Ali grew in age, he was sent to the Aitcheson College, Lahore for education purpose, where his younger brother Sher Ali also got admission after a period of two years and half. Thus the two brothers though away from their parents, remained close to each other. There was a specific attraction in the person of Haider Ali, and unusual serenity and docility, scarcely seen in the children of that age. He was though a reserved type of boy but was highly sociable and friendly and well-dressed. These were the virtues which made him centre of attraction in social gatherings. A look at the list of his friends and acquaintances reveals that teachers of the institution and other employees all were included in the list but he was emotionally attached to his friends Mian Ismail Mangiana and Arif Tiwana (who died in a road accident some time after Haider Ali’s death. Their friendship resembled to that of Punjabi folk stories, with the only difference that in folk stories, the man and the woman love with each other excitedly whereas here three friends followed the tradition through their love and affection. After passing higher Cambridge from the Atchison college, he was got admitted in F.C College, Lahore. Unfortunately the morning of 4th August, when the caller gave clarion call for the dawn of the new day, the sparrows chirping was creating a strange atmosphere but no body knew how disastrous and dreadful was the day that would befall on the sentiments, passions and love feelings of the people like a flash of lightning. Haider Ali left Lahore to meet his family members at his native town but that was not doomed by the nature. He met with a horrible and fatal accident during the travel near Gujrat, in which he sustained serious injuries. He was rushed to the hospital for medical aid but could not succumb to injuries and died.
Thus, a person, a pleasant looking young man who showered laughters all around proceeded on a non-returnable journey and left his happy campanions and family members with their eyes filled with tears for ever. Haider Ali was buried in Kot Fateh Khan his maternal state on 4th August 1979in the evening in the presence of crying hundreds of his lovers. Thus with the sun setting, the sun of the all-round person of this youth also sank below the far off horizon, but he left behind effects of his memories, his sayings and desires in the hearts of his lovers that would always serve as reminder to them with every breath they take.
May Allah Almighty rest this youth’s soul in eternal peace and tranquility and bestow His blessings upon him.


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